Hidden Ways to Get Traffic to Your Furniture Store Using Social Media

How effectively are you using social media marketing?

Dear Furniture Industry friend,

Most retailers are struggling with social media marketing…They are either doing it wrong or –even worse–not at all! With the increasing popularity of the social media networks with more and more people joining and spending significant amounts of time on these networks, it’s absolutely imperative that you are there interacting with them on a daily basis. After all the basic rule for acquiring new customers is  “Go to where your customers are!”

Many retailers are leery of utilizing the power of these social networks not because they don’t realize their significance, rather they simply do not know the best way to interact and fully utilize the power of the social networking sites. Rather than jumping in and seeing how effective social media can be, they simply do nothing. Hoping for more customers, not fully aware that the customers are looking for them.

If you have been looking for a sure fire reason to get started as well as  a highly effective strategies implemented by other small business owners, like yourself, to grow their business using social media then you need to attend a seminar at this upcoming High Point Market.

This seminar, entitledHidden Ways to Get Traffic to Your Furniture Store Using Social Media”, will be hosted by Mike Root, industry veteran and founder of Get Customers Right Now a new age media marketing company hosting this free seminar. It will be FREE to attend for all market participants on Sunday October 23 from 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM in the NHFA Retailer Resource Center on the first floor of the Plaza Suites.

As a special addition to this seminar, social media and internet expert Sev Ritchie from Web4Retail will join Mike Root to present actual client success stories of  furniture stores who are making more money using social media solutions to promote their businesses. Mike and Sev will address the challenges retailers are facing to capture their customer’s attention and then they will provide real world solutions that are working for astute retailers across the country.

As an added bonus, Mike and Sev have agreed to give away all their slides from this presentation. All you need to do to get these slides is fill in your name and email address below and Mike and Sev will send you all their slides absolutely free after they return from High Point.

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