Dear Small Business Owner,

Do you know what the Number 1 Best marketing practice it comes to marketing?

Capturing your customer’s attention. That’s it.

Once they know who you are and how you can help them satisfy their needs then they will be excited to do business with you.

Here’s the catch…Many retailers try to do too much in their marketing pieces and

Quite frankly that is why their marketing pieces


Don’t fall into that same trap with your marketing…

When you’re crafting your next marketing campaign,

Answer the following questions:

  •  How are you able to break through the clutter and be seen by your customer?
  • What makes your marketing message different than all the other basic boring direct mail pieces?
  • Why should your customer read your message and choose to do business with you?

The Wallet Mailer was created to help you address both those areas of concern

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The Wallet Mailer is an envelope that looks like a wallet—complete with credit card graphics on the inside and an insert to place your store’s currency and your sales letter with the reason you’re specifically send them a wallet with store currency as well as the offer

Once the envelope is opened your customer immediately sees your Headline which provokes them to take out and read your store’s currency and sales letter from the insert

Click Here to Get Started with the Wallet Mailer Today!

There are two key factors that make the Wallet Mailer very successful: the curiosity factor and the Headline.

Everyone receives the same standard basic boring white envelope and white sales letter solicitation which rarely sparks an interest from the customer

The wallet mailer generates that initial interest by looking like a wallet with a little piece of money poking out of the top.

Their initial interest in the Wallet mailer will get them to open the wallet and see the headline…

The headline further piques their interest by telling them to collect your store currency from the wallet.

Once they collect their store currency they will then read the sales letter which refers to the wallet mailer, why they are receiving the special offer and how they are able to maximize the value of the offer.

When you reward your customers’ curiosities with a money-related message, the result is a feeling of happiness related to your business which will result in improved response rates!

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