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People move to new houses for many different reasons. They’ve been relocated for their job, just married, or simply moving to a different stage in their life among other reasons why people move to a new house.

Regardless of their reason for moving, one commonality for most new movers is that they need new home furnishings that compliment their new house. They could be looking for a whole new dining room set, new living room furnishings or even accent pieces that complete a room. The bottom line is that they are looking.

The New Movers Instantly Program writes directly to those who have recently moved into your area, using advanced copywriting techniques such as welcoming them directly to your store, using handwritten fonts in letters and cards, as well as using motivational copy providing them a strong and compelling incentive for them to visit your store.

To find out how you can market to people who have recently moved to your neighborhood, fill in the information below and we will contact you about the New Movers Instantly Program.

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