Mike and his team have done an outstanding job of helping me grow from one little rental store to the largest rent to own chain in Colorado.  They know what sells for my unique needs and they help me with information on advertising and operations.  Over the years I have bought a lot of product from their lines and they have always been able to find me great specials.  They are always asking what I need to do more business and then they go to the factories and try and get it for me.  Their office is one of the easiest places to do business with.  I wish all my vendors were as good to deal with as these guys.

Chuck Green, President of Best Images, Inc.

“I’ve done business with them for years and don’t want to change.  My Dad used to say when an auction is going well “You don’t change horses in mid-stream.”  We want to stay with Winners like Emmet, Mike, and Chris.  Thanks for all the great buys you have found for me, all your advertising ideas and all your help through the last 25 years we’ve done business together.”

Darryl Olson, Owner Olson Auction

Mike “helps promote successful retail selling which ultimately is beneficial to all parties – the companies he represents, the retailer and to his firm. This value added approach is a benefit that he has consistently provided – There are not many rep firms that I have seen that put more effort into seeing that their accounts succeed.”

Randy Swanson – President, American Furniture Liquidation