Are you looking for the next BIG seller at this coming Las Vegas market? You know, that one really BIG product that has a proven track record and matches exactly what the customers are wanting and needing right now…

I just returned from a factory tour of Mega Motion, a division of Pride Mobility, and I must say that I was very impressed with their company, their product and their people. I was so impressed that I agreed to sell their fabulous power lift chairs to my retail store customers and I told them how they can make this a Best Seller and an irresistible product  for ALL furniture retail stores. The formula is simple: give the best value, always be in stock, deliver quick and take care of any service problems without a hassle…They AGREED to everything!

There are 4 BIG reasons why every furniture retailer needs to check out Mega Motion at this upcoming Furniture Market…

1. This product is right on for furniture retailers to meet the needs of the consumer demographics. The American population continues to age. Baby boomers are getting older, some are even getting heavier–and their overall mobility is challenged, their knees are giving out, and they still have parents alive who are moving even slower. A Power Lift Chair Program that can help the aging demographic get in and out of their chair–or in some cases provide an alternative to a bed–that’s a product that a furniture retailer should offer.

2 . Mega Motion is a division of Pride Mobility, the largest supplier of mobility products to the health reimbursement industry. When a power lift chair is prescribed by a doctor, most of the time it will be a Pride Mobility chair that gets sold. In fact, Pride Mobility is a worldwide leader in mobility products like Power Lift Chairs and Scooters, and they have created product just for furniture retailers!

3.  Pride Mobility is the leader, for the same reason why Mega Motion will be the leader for the furniture retailers. They make the best product, they have a 40 hour service guarantee, their pricing is extremely competitive, and they deliver to any retailer in the USA in one week or less–any chair in any fabric.

4. The product is merchandised better than any other competing offerings in the marketplace that furniture retailers have to choose from. Mega Motion has introduced a 12 Power Lift Chair Program ranging from a starter price point all the way up to a monster chair capable of handling a person weighing 400 or more pounds. This program allows your customer to choose a chair that will best fit their needs–ranging from their height, weight, as well as a range of fabrics and immediate delivery.

For more about the Mega Motion 12 Power Lift Chair Program, Fill in the information below and visit the Mega Motion booth at the Las Vegas Market located on the 10th Floor of Building B Space #1060



Additionally when you register for this program and make an order at the upcoming market, there are 3 bonuses that you will be guaranteed…

1. FREE FREIGHT on any market order of two or more power lift chairs

2. Market orders get FREE Special order and Point of Purchase Sales Materials for your store

3. Mini Gallery order gets special dating and opening floor model discounts

To register for these benefits and to start selling the Mega Motion Power Lift Chairs, Fill in the information below and visit the Mega Motion booth at the Las Vegas Market located on the 10th Floor of Building B Square #1060


I’m looking forward to seeing you in the Mega Motion Booth at the upcoming Las Vegas Market!


Mike Root