Interested in earning extra revenue? Join our sales rep affiliate program and get paid for sending referrals our way and for selling promotions and incentives.

Our best affiliates are those who have a strong reach among retailers, small businesses and entrepreneurs, either through face to face selling, trade shows, direct mail or newsletters, their own website, email list or social network. If this describes you, then our Sales Rep Affiliate Program is a great way to earn some extra commission income.

Becoming a Get Customers Right Now Sales Rep Affiliate is easy:

  1. Sign up for our affiliate program below.
  2. Use your assigned sales rep identifying name or number when writing orders that will be emailed or faxed.
  3. Use your assigned sales rep affiliate link to when placing order on our website for your customers.
  4. Use your assigned sales rep affiliate link to promote us on your website, in emails, on social networks, etc.
  5. When someone sends in an order or clicks on your link, you earn commissions.

When you spread the word about the Get Customer Right Now products and services and a retailer or business buys through your sales rep affiliate link, we’ll pay you commissions!

Currently, we offer commissions on the following:

  • Sales on certain promotional campaigns for the period of time the customer runs the campaign
  • Sales on any incentive products you sell
  • Bonus commission for any sale of the Get Customers Right Now Online Customer Acquisition System

It’s so easy! We’ll do all the processing and servicing of the account. You just sit back and collect your check! There is NO limit to the number of referrals you can get commissions for!

  • However, we do NOT encourage spamming or blast emails. We will NOT pay commissions to spammers. You will lose the right to participate in our Affiliate Program if you spam.
  • Here are legitimate ways you can promote our products and solutions:
  • Face to face when meeting with existing customers
  • At trade shows as part of a vendors space to encourage purchases right there
  • To local merchants and businesses not in your filed of expertise but who still need to bring in new customers
  • In your email correspondence, your newsletter or ezine
  • On your website and blog
  • Via Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, You Tube and other social media
  • Through press releases or editorial coverage in trade papers or local newspapers
  • In conversations with your friends and colleagues
  • At Industry Events as well as local networking and lead generating events in your town

Here’s how you begin collecting commissions right away:

  1. Fill Out the Sales Rep Affiliate Form at the Bottom of this page
  2. Submit the Form
  3. You will receive an email that contains the username and password for our Sales Rep Affiliate Center. Once you log in you will see your links.
  4. Place the code on all order you submit, your website, blog, social media, ezine, newsletter and anywhere else you will get traffic from your target audience.

Remember, spamming is NOT allowed. Violators will be removed from this program immediately and commissions will NOT be paid.

Important notes:

  1. When we take orders over the telephone, we ask where the customer heard of us. If you send them something or tell them on the phone to go to our website, but they phone in their order, you will be protected as long as they mention you as the person they heard about us from. If new customers hear about us from several sources, they will designate the source they want to receive the commission. Commissions will NOT be split among several sources, sorry.
  2. You must use our approved ads and wordings. We are not responsible for inaccurate claims made by affiliate members.
  3. Commissions will be paid once per month, following the 30th day of the order, to account for cancellations or bad payments. No commissions will be paid on cancelled orders.

Questions? Need assistance getting started? Let us know – we’re ready to help!